Sue Neuls (tenor), Jo Ann Coehoorn (lead), Holly Fleming (bari) and Dona Button (bass).

Whistle Junction Quartet

Whistle Junction Quartet has been a competing comedy quartet and entertaining audiences at cabarets, shows, weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries and local retirement villages since 2002.
They have been awarded both the Audience Choice award and the Bravo award during Sweet Adelines International (SAI) Regional Competitions.

In 2014 Open Division which offers quartets and choruses the opportunity to perform and entertainment package, they have been wildly creative and share their brand of fun with the whole region.

Seriously, how could you be a woman dressed up like a man, then sing about being aging super heroes with a straight face? (And don't even ask about the lobsters, flamingos, aliens, vikings and pirates.)

These ladies are truly good friends who love singing together and ringing barbershop chords. They not only sound great…but there is always a good chuckle close at hand. They always bring a variety of songs, jokes and anecdotes to their performances providing an evening of fun, whether for a large or small group.

Learn more by visiting their website
WhistleJunctionQuartet.com or give Dona a call at 262-248-2228 and book them for your next event.